JME 2021

Ecoacoustics  Congress 2021  special issue

Climatic changes impacts on Mediterranean Algeria Tellian Atlas Rivers’ flows

 Benkhamallah Zahra1, Lebid Sara1, Bouguenaya Nadia1, Benyahia Mohammed1, Errih Mohammed2 and Anani Macho1*

1 Po. Box 89. Djillali Liabes University of Sidi Bel Abbes. Algeria.

2 Po. Box 1505. University of Es-Senia. Oran. Algeria.

*Corresponding author email Macho ANANI Tel. 07 95 57 54 37

Keywords: Climatic changes, Mediterranean Algeria, Semi-arid region, Rivers’ flows, Precipitations, Water resources.


Recent climatic evolutions induced severe rainfalls decrease Northwestern Algeria southern edge of the Mediter­ranean Sea resulting in several water droughts most of which have had very negative consequence on local water resources. Unfortunately, the decrease of this essential resource and its unequal distribution were associated with increasing population demand and irrational water management that requires a sustainable water management policy. Water deficit is emphasized by continuing loss of surface and ground water quality mainly due to large population growth, sustained socio-economic development, greedy irrigated agriculture and urbanization. In addition, global warming has been added to the perverse effect of this water stress. Henceforth, the main goal of this study was to determine the direct correlation existing between climatic changes and rivers’ flows evolu­tions and to estimate every situation in this region.