Aims and Scope

Journal of Mediterranean Ecology is an international electronic journal which objectives are:
• to assemble the best of currently dispersed results of ecological research carried out as regards Mediterranean ecosystems.
• to cross-fertilize subdisciplines and approaches that have arisen with the development of ecology (plant and animal ecology, molecular to landscape studies, functional and evolutionary approaches).
• to favor the communication between ecologists of the five Mediterranean climate regions.
• to provide Mediterranean ecologists with a forum for debating new results related with their field.
The journal will publish original papers in a wide range of ecological topics, especially functional or evolutionary aspects of the interactions between organisms and their environment. Applied research related to the conservation, restoration or management of Mediterranean climate systems will also be welcome particularly if linkages to theory are identified.
Papers may deal with experimental or theoretical studies on both terrestrial and aquatic Mediterranean systems. Comparison between Mediterranean and non-Mediterranean systems will be welcome. Purely descriptive work will have a lower priority for publication, depending on space availability.
Work done on any spatio-temporal scale from cells to regions, and from seconds to millennia, will be accepted. Papers blending several scales and their associated subdisciplines will be particularly welcome, as well as articles combining both functional and evolutionary approaches to ecology.
The Journal will also cover the field of global climate change and changing and increasingly man-dominated environment. The Journal will publish original research papers, essays, reviews, technical reports of general interest and forum papers. Books and conferences of interest to Mediterranean ecologists will be advertised.
The Journal of Mediterranean Ecology is published on line (full color) since 2004 onward at the URL address

The downloads of the full txt (in pdf or html) are free and    no charges are requested from the authors. This policy will greatly increase the diffusion of the Journal in the Universities and in all other Research Centers. 
For further details please contact   Almo Farina  ( ).